Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Circus is in Town and it is not Barnum and Bailey

Saundra has been gone since last Saturday to Portland with Tenell, Greg and our newest grandson Kade.  Kimber and I have been walking, working on the border around the rock beds - cementing in a mow strip.  Jake and I went 65 mile son the four wheelers on Monday up Jens, to Gold Creek Lakes - over the top of the game pass to upper Rock Creek (the Deerlodge Rock Creek - not the bigger one by Clinton) over the pass to Boulder Creek to Altoona Lake and then over the Boulder, Little Gold Creel Pass back to Gold Creek and finally to Jens.  It was a rough ride, lots of huge rocks, both four wheelers got dents on the wheels and look like they have been through a war.  Next time I am going to do a little gold panning.  There are tons of mines all over that country.

Today Kimber and I went up 9 Mile and got some rocks for the yard, then went on a 1 1/2 hour walk in the main 9 mile valley, worked on the borders again.

Mom will no longer eat the Meals on Wheels and so I bought them Marie Calendar dinners, the RN suggested it, they haven't tried them yet, their freezer is full of things they will probably never use unless someone goes there and cooks it for them.  They still buy things like Miracle Whip in the big containers when it is on sale?  Thins spoil or out date before they can use them, but we keep trying to deal with it.  Dad is still a little unhappy that the Garbage people wrote a letter that their route would be picked up Tuesday morning beginning at 6 am and they don't get there until the pm - he thinks they should be there at 6 am - oh well, that's one of the things he frets about - why I don't know.  He wants the garbage put out and dealt with just right, he wants me to use the wheel barrow when I take it out and I tell him it is easier for me to carry the bag.  I cut the grass out from under the gate so it would open and I am not sure he likes that (he told me he had just done it a while ago - I think his while is a few years just like the gas at the lake when Saundra and I got stuck in the lightening storm.  I love them to death (probably a bad choice of words - I love them as the great parents they are)  - but it is still a circus even at that.

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  1. My mom stopped eating "meals on wheels" also, but I kinda didn't blame her. It wasn't great food. LOL