Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Parable of the Camera, Mother Nature and Father Time

Well, I have been extremely lazy on this site so I guess I better get with it.  We are up at the lake trying to get some things done, I am working on the boat door trying to retrim it out so we can finish the rock work on that end of the cabin.  I finally got all the wood portion back up to snuff, Monday maybe I can finish the metal portion and we can start doing some of the rock work.

Just a few updates - took two grandchildren to Chico Hot Springs north of Gardner and then through Yellowstone, would have had some pictures but my estimate of the world as a whole decreased just a little when Saundra left her camera sitting on a shelf in the Yellowstone restroom for about 45 minutes and we went back to get it and someone had taken it, the ranger station next door said no one had turned in a found camera, nor had the store.  This was at a little camping area on Yellowstone Lake, so I figure no more than 20 women went into the restroom and no more than 1/2 used the same stall, at least half of them would not have seen the camera on the window sill and that boils it down to 5, at least 1/2 of them would have been honest and either left it realizing someone would come looking or would have turned it into the lost and found.  One of the remaining 2 1/2 women would have been 10 or under and would have showed mom and dad the camera so now we are down to 2 1/2 dishonest women and possibly one dishonest man.  It the women and the man did not wash their hands like 90% of the men don't (hard to believe, but my own little study of noticing says that a good share of them finish their duty and had for the door), then we don't want the camera back again unless it is sanitized.  Oh well!  The grandsons who were with us were Issac (nearly 12 - Jared and Rebekah's) and Luke (1 and 1/2 Mark and Hailey's), Mark and Hailey went with us as well, we had a grewat time in spite of the camera ordeal.

We also went to Lewis and Clark caverns and enjoyed them as well.  As is tradition Issac got to drive on a side road.  A week and a half before that we were in Bozeman with Mark, Hailey and Luke and Mark and I went to Holter Lake and caught some walleye.

Another thought, while at Chico, we were unable to swim for a while because of lightening in the area, while we were waiting, a cowboy, in his tight wranglers, a large Stetson and his handle bar mustache controlled our actions - I decided Obama missed his chance for another noncabinet, nonapproved, high paid federal CZAR to control our lives - the COWBOY LIGHTENING CZAR.  The only draw back to this appointment is that I am not sure this guy was a tax cheat or had broken several other federal laws to qualify for his appointment.

Got called into the Bishop's office this week and were called on a full time mission, I am not sure the Bishop (our new one) was aware of our family situation.  Like other's it would take us a little time to get our affairs in order and that is possible (Saundra and I would like to and will serve), but the family situation with parents is such that we feel that is our current mission and we will complete that one first.  We do not feel in the least bit controlled or restricted by the opportunity and blessing to have our parents with us here and for as long as we have.  The only unfortunate thing about it is that time marches on whether anyone is ready or not and as a result age begins to catchup to us all.  Glad for the blessing we have.  Let Father Time march on and Mother Nature take her course, for that is a necessary part of life - we are grateful to participate in mortality.

Since beginning this new blog I have had almost no comments - so if anyone is there - say hi!


  1. Been off the grid the past 3 weeks. I do read your posts and love your stories etc. Keep them coming!

  2. You forgot to mention another reason you can't go yet...Sari can't handle 2 puppies at a time!

  3. I enjoy reading you posts and your pictures are beautiful. Blessings to you for taking care of parents. I always say They are already proven themselves, but it's how we treat them as they get older that we will be judged for.

  4. I'm sure you want to hear from me. LOL