Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beautiful Lake Day

Lazy day at the lake, Saundra mowed and I did little or nothing, unloaded the boat and put it in the garage. Took Saundra to town on the 4 wheeler we got some groceries, a couple of parts and I got a new library card, Saundra joined the summer reading program.  I went on an 1 1/2 hour walk to Grover's Cove the beginning of Africa as the girls call it, a little tough cross country so much brush and grass I kept tripping over the junk on the ground, something new to see.

More mountains:

Day 23 Sunday May 15th
Since it was Sunday I got up had breakfast and sat in the sun on and off (it was partly cloudy) and read.  I finished 2 Nephi and also the Doctrinal Book about 2 Nephi today.  I definitely have a better perspective of 2nd Nephi and the Savior and His atonement.  I also finished a so so book by a guy named Deaver called the Burning Wire, too much swearing etc for my tastes.  I built a fire in my fire pit even though it was windy and watched it, I needed to get some good coals and enough to bake me some potatoes which I did.  I cook them in tinfoil about an hour and a half, one must have been in a warm sport as itr burned the skin a little, sure didn’t hurt the spud, I had these with real butter , salt and pepper.  I contemplated moving as I have run out of places to walk and it is forecast to rain all week and even the day I go home, which means packing wet stuff, oh well we shall see.  This tent needs dome serious repairs and I am not sure when I may do them, the primary problem is where the stove pipe goes out, right now I have it sort of fixed until it rains hard, the water will run right in, I found a mud flap piece someone had lost and propped it up away from the pipe itself but so it is not wide open to the outside as it had gotten worse every day and there was a 3-4 “ gap around the top and the sides, but now there is only an inch or so and I put some flat rocks on against the pipe to hold the mud flap in place.  Sort of a Mcgiver fix for now.   Decided against moving used my phone to look and see if it were going to rain elsewhere and it looks like everywhere, may as well stay put.  I will just have to find some places to walk, it will be in thinker stuff and it will probably be to no avail, but exercise if part of why I am doing it anyway so what the heck.  The added incentive of elk antlers was pretty good motivation though.   Bugs are getting a lot worse, including ticks.  I have had some, ticks and other bugs since I got here but there has been a definite increase.  I have dug two ticks out of me, but I have the stale bread and molded cheese to save me.  I have started a much better novel by Lee Child a Reacher novel (his character in some has been in the army as a mp and now is out wandering, pretty decent books, not immoral to speak of nor language problems.  I am not writing on my book today so this will be the only use of the computer tonight.  Talked to Saundra for a while, she was at mom and dads – no dinner tonight she had meetings.  Well where does the time go?  I am tired to night and didn’t do anything but sit around and read.  I was tired last night also, just one of those things I guess,  2 ½ to 3 hours walking and I am bushed, of course a lot of it has been on side hills and in rocks etc, but I ought to be able to do better than that.  Usually it takes me a couple days to get going and I can walk pretty good, it seems on this trip almost every walk has been hard why?  Well we have a couple months until the Sperry Chalet trip, the internet site for the Chalet has comments from several people, one guy who travels the park taking photos says that the Sperry Chalet trail is grueling, you climb 3860 feet  in 6.8 miles and most of it is the last half of the trip.  My problem is the coming downhill, it is harder on me than uphill by far.  Haven’t heard much about our trip for Bonnie and Ron , hope they are still planning on going?  Well. I think I will get ready for bed, say my prayers and put on my headlamp and read.   

Day 24 Monday May 16th
Didn’t sleep well last night ended up reading for an hour or so about 1:30 am, then was awoken with a noise about 3 am.  The noise was right above my head, a foot or so away.  I listened and listened and determined it must have been a mouse or a mole, I knew it wasn’t a gopher, a squirrel or a chipmunk, as these guys are smart enough to fiddle around in the day time and know night is for sleeping.  Mice, rats and moles on the other hand like to horse around at night.  The noise continued and I realized that it was fooling around my water bucket.  Then the noise quit, I slept fitfully (not because of the noise, just couldn’t sleep) for the rest of the night.  When I got up, I found a drown mouse in my water bucket.  Ate breakfast, walked up Royal Basin, about 1 mile south of where I had found the five point antler, last week.  A good walk and wouldn’t you know it when I least expected it I walked right upon a 6 point antler – yea yahoo score another one for the senile, aged old timers.   That makes 10 total , not bad for an old guy – nice antler.  Came back hone this afternoon and rearrange things in the truck trying to put stuff up that I won’t be needing so I could get to what I do.  Figured what clothing I had left, what food etc.  Read Jacob 2-5, read in a book, ate supper and now am typing, wrote on my book and now my day, computer just said will be shutting down, battery out.  Good Night.

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  1. It was nice to talk with you up at the trailer for a while...nice to just sit back and enjoy the time together even if the puppies were menaces.