Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heaven on Earth

Well, it looks like baby Kade Elias Dietzman is about to enter the world.  Tenell called this morning and after her appointment with the Doctor she called us, Saundra has a ticket to Portland for Saturday pm.  A couple weeks after that I and puppy will head for Portland in the car and visit a while and then come home.  We (Saundra, Bonnie and Ron) have a trip into scheduled to the Sperry Chalet in Glacier for mid August and then kids are coming home to go to the lake for end of the same week. 

Saundra and I took puppy for a walk to the dog park on the river by the University (Jacobs Island) and then by mom and dads to see how they are doing, we (Saundra, Howard and Ladene are going to eat at mom and dads this evening.  I got another summer hair cut and prepared my talk for Ronan this Sunday.   I don't know where the time goes - every day fill s up with something.   I hope to get some yard work completed while Saundra is gone and take puppy back in the mountains for the first time since her going to jail (the pound).  The electronic collar seems to work we tried it out at the lake this past week, I'll see how it does in the trees etc.

I checked at Costco while we were there about work and they are in a hiring freeze so even if I wanted to go to work there - that is not going to happen.  We do need to do something, 1st preference is to sell Lolo even for less than we have in it and salvage the lake.  2nd is the lake - it would be nice if we could establish the lake as our primary residence before and if we sell it but that would take renting our home or selling it and moving to the lake for 18 months or so, but that would sure cut the taxes - as is if we sell it - after realtors fees and taxes we will just pay off Lolo - would be much easier to wholesale Lolo even at a reduced price so we didn't have the tax burden - we have more equity in Lolo than we can sell it for and than we owe on it.  The Lord will bless us - He always has and what is best will work out.  Beautiful day in Missoula today - one of those days that makes you so happy to live in heaven on earth.  (western Montana).

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