Friday, July 1, 2011

Walleye Where Are You?

Haven't written for a day or two.  Went to Bozeman and took Mark fishing on Holter Lake Tuesday and tried to fish in a small lake in the Paradise valley on Wednesday but the wind was to strong.  On Holter we both caught Walleye - bot of our first time.  Mark caught five and I caught two - used the excuse that I was running the boat which is probably valid since I was further from shore along the edge where we were using bottom walkers and a walleye set up with a little float and an leech on a single hook.  The walker had to be bouncing along the bottom to do much.  Mark also caught a nice rainbow.  We took a cruise up the lake to the Gates of the Mountains and went through passing the sight seeing boat a large boat that looked like a 2 story 10 times as long boat like mine, there were a lot of people on the tout.  Mark and Tyson Tracy joined us at 5 pm Tuesday - had a good time.

More from the mountain adventure:

Day 21 Friday May 13th
Hum Friday the 13th – do you suppose that is why all I found today were ticks and lots of them even one embedded in the front of my shoulder?  No antlers, good walk north of Boulder Creek, but I think that is where most of the ticks came from, later shorter walk on Little Boulder , a couple ridges over from where I found the first eight antlers, have pretty well walked all possibilities in this drainage, only one antler was found away from the others in Royal Basin.  Guess I will go back there and search out some more sights on the southern end of the basin.  My days kinda have about the same schedule, get up simple breakfast 2 ½ to 3 hour walk, ½ to hour travel time, read in yard as nibble of peanuts, diet pop, trail mix etc.  Charge my computer, cell phone, ipod, dinner (tonight I actually heated water and had a cup of noodles (two of them actually) sunflower seed and sparkling water.  Wrote on my book an hour or so, studied for a hour or so, it is now 11:10 pm and I am finally writing on this.  Weather next several days mixed, looks like Thursday may be the worst.  May have to try and make it over Wyman pass (at least that’s what I call it – over top of Wyman Creek across a couple of ridges and down into Philipsburg, I am running out of propane for my light and that is necessary for my typing.  I don’t know if I can possibly make it over, today I walked along a ridge and walked between some trees where snow didn’t get deep, I was looking up at 8’ drifts a couple feet over my head, I had to go the other way, pretty cool that I was standing there on dry (well a little wet ground and looking up at 8’ drifts on 3 sides of the tree I walke under.  Windy today and the forecast is that it will be very windy tomorrow and Sunday.  Well best go put things away and brush my teeth, if there are no clouds out the moon was shinning pretty good about a hour ago when I went out to get something, a few days will be a full moon, guess if there were no clouds I could go look for antlers then.  When it is clear the stars are bright in and of themselves,  The big dipper is almost straight above me slightly to the left pointing just about like it does at the lake when you walk out on the top deck at night, my tent must be positioned almost at the same angle and direction.  North is nearly out the front door of my tent.   Well, about that time, it has cooled down and I don’t want to build the fire up.

Day 22 Saturday May 14th
After a light breakfast I got out of camp at a reasonable time this morning, about 9:20 am or so, and knew that if I didn’t make a mountain trek over  Wyman Pass as I have come to call it, anyway the top of Wyman Creek, and down the other side into Philipsburg, I would run out of propane fore the lantern by Tue or Wed and then my typing days would be over.  As soon as the sun goes down in this canyon it is to cool to sit out and even though it is light now till 8:30 or so, it is to cool to sit out and the skeeters are as big as they were on our trip on the ferry to northern BC, they are a little slow here though probably just has been a little cool for them as well.  Anyway I made the trip, a little hairy since the snow and ice up high has been melting, so where the snow it is soft and drifts are still fairly deep had to work my way through some of them, but I got there and then ont the way back, took advantage of being in places I haven’t walked so I walked out two south-southwest facing ridges my usual 2 ½  hour trek and there should have been antlers, the lower ridge someone may have walked coming up from the P-burg side, but the upper one was to far up and no one had crossed the snow field down onto the ridge, but no antlers, I guess the elk didn’t like those ridges as well as I did.  It was a snowy, muddy trip, but fun.  I got back and did some reading, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to earn a little money and still have our freedom.  Saundra seems to think that if we could clear sat $1000/month with my social security, we may be able to just squeak by keeping the lake, no don’t anyone get to excited, we are just looking at all the possibilities and what ifs.  The fact remains we may not be able to sell the lake for what we think we should get out of it and so that leaves us in a bind anyway, therefore I have been pondering, praying and mulling things over as I walk.  I don’t want to get so tied up that we can’t take care of our parents, and so that we can’t go places when we want.  So think, think, think.  Wood Carvings – possible if promoted right, Book who knows I can tell a good story, at least I can in my own mind, and then I kept feeling like I should call Kent Carpenter back, he really wants me to try this new version of Rhealth (not their name ours, that we were going to use with CardioRisk, Kent and a fellow named Eric have a spin off they think id better, with more resource, I had a number of products lined up to sell, but that would have been a lot of travel and I didn’t want that and to spend 30000 to make 40000, so I gave up most of that idea.  However as I have been contemplating about Kents idea, I felt I should call him back and so this afternoon I did.  He seems to think I could make this go and still have time to do what I want, my territory would be unlimited so if it were to work, I could call on people on the way to Portland and in Portland for that matter and write off the trip, likewise to Utah, Bozeman etc.  He really wants me to try it, there is Endopat, IMT, Echo’s and other things they are working with they have a Cardiologist in Houston as their Medical Director and they have been making it work in Texas and Phoenix.  I would be my own boss it would be Rhealth LLC which we have already created  and which Saundra is a partner so maybe we could figure the financing out depending on how it goes, so I could still go on social security and earn my 14,100 that I can earn without giving it up, and if it earned more that part could go to Saundra.  So again without getting hopes up we are still working on possibilities.  I told him I would make a list of 10 or so Docs and Eric and I could go see them in a week’s period and see what we could do, I still have an expense account with some money in it that would pay for the travel , so I told him I would and will try to come up with a time and given it a week.  One of these things will work, I am to young and stupid to just give up.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my walks and the antlers etc I have found, I have also enjoyed the time to study, write on my book, and think.  I miss Saundra and puppy and the family, but this has been good for contemplation .  Everyone thought I would get bored, certainly no boredom here, I miss Saundra as I said, but there is no boredom, in fact if I could talk her and puppy into coming with I would like to make this an annual trek, good luck with that huh!  Well, usually I write on the book first and then my day tonight I did it backward so I am going to go write about Jep the undercover drug rep, laugh if you will – most of the story is coming along good, I need to print it and evaluate where things fit so I can see it all in one place to put it together right, I suspect that if I keep it up I could finish this thing before the year is over, that is my goal.  I figure if I would work on it a hour or so a day, excluding Sundays, I could get er done.  It has been easy to do that here, the challenge will be at home.  If however I would set a time and do it, and I am going to, that and the same amount of studying I have been doing here and I would get a lot done.  If I kept the walks up, I would get in shape.  Hum!  If I did all that I would not have time for anything else.  Must figure out a way!!!
Two closing thoughts:   First, I wonder if the mold that has been growing on my cheese as of late will do anything  to protect me from rocky mountain spotted tick fever since they have been enjoying me?  Second, I wonder if the bottle of pears I just ate 1/3 rd of will ferment before I finish it?   Colder weather did have it’s benefits.

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