Monday, June 13, 2011

Start Anew

Walked with Puppy 4 1/2 hours up the back of Sentinel, to Microwave Repeater Stations and off the Deer Creek side.  Needed my camera, beautiful, lots of flowers and good views all around.  May bnot be a walk I take real often was quite a hike, especially from the Sentinel saddle up to the Repeater Station.

Some how I deleted my old blog?  So I will start over.  I have tried every thing I can to recover my blog and I do not see how. So I guess I will start over, I hate to lose all the information for the past couple of years and I will try and remember my childhood stories so that I can put them back on, some of my rantings I don't care about.  I will start again to post my experiences from my month long mountain adventure.

Day  1 Saturday April 23rd

I didn’t get out of town today until 3:30 or so and I had to stop at Clinton Market for  a big flashlight all I brought were trail ones and a huge spot light – I forgot to get a battery for the one big light I had and wouldn’t you know it Clinton Market did not have one.  So I bought a regular flashlight and batteries  ($10 whew – Walmart 2 of them for $5 – but then again I got 4 Duracell batteries for it as well with the $10).  Worse part is – I can’t find it and I don’t want to dig until morning – it is in the cab – but under a bunch of stuff so I will use a trail light tonight.  I had a banana for supper since I ate a $1 cheese burger and $1 chicken sandwich and 2 apple pies for a buck from Mickey Dees on the way out of town – now I remember how much they are just fillers with flavor.  It’s 9:17 getting pretty dark out I am in the tent with a propane lamp my bed is made and I am ready to hit the sack. Hope dad is doing well – best place for him till he gets his strength back in hospital.  Saundra at mom’s and Joan and Austin are coming? Tomorrow  or Monday .  Well that’s today – didn’t get as far in as I wanted – to much snow – snow all around the tent  - so this will be base camp for 30 nights – I am not going to move everything once I get it set up and It took me 2 ½ hours tonight to just get the tent up and a fire in the stove etc.  I am here to enjoy it and to walk and to write not to work for Allied Van Lines.

Day 2 Easter Sunday  April 24th

Didn’t  get in a big hurry to start moving around this morning – the bed was warm and there was a good chill in the air (18 degrees), not interested in building a fire this morning so I let it warm a little and then started a few projects that needed to be done –  I covered the back half of the tent with a tarp and put few things under the outside, I patched a few holes in the ole green tent with duct tape – it is supposed to snow and rain all week, today was to be the nicest day for a while.  Today was windy and stayed cool until about 1 pm then it was tolerable.  I built a latrine off up the canyon,  I cut firewood and stored some in the tent and more out under the tarp.  I hid my gas cans and covered them with branches so no one would bother them 30 yards or so from camp – you almost have to step on them to see them.  I got a couple buckets of water  from the creek the runoff today is muddier than when I got here yesterday.   I studied from the Book of Mormon for a couple hours  - then did some more prep for the winter like weather coming.  I had a lite breakfast – a pudding, a molasses cookie from Costco, a V8, a diet coke and sunflower seeds.    I had a fruit snack and more seeds in the pm and about 5:45 or so had an apple, an orange juice and diet coke for Easter Dinner.  Didn’t feel like cooking anything and I finally found my siphon and a couple of other things so I will be more willing to cook in the future – with the runoff the way it is it is a good thing I brought a small drum of drinking water – since even boiled the creek water will not be very appetizing.   Took a couple pictures on the phone and sent them also the coordinates from my GPS.  Read a couple texts about dad and I guess he took a turn for the worse last night, but is doing better now.  I called mom and dads and that is where they ended up eating so I got to talk to Joan and Saundra.  I studied more from the Book of Mormon this evening and then lit the stove and the lantern and have been on here since.  I need to wash up and write a little on my book and then hit the sack.   It is warm in bed, and I don’t burn up all my firewood and propane for the lantern as I think I will need it worse in coming days.

Day 3 Monday April  25th
Woke up this am to overcast skies and fairly cool.  Jared and his boys decided to come to visit they are out for Easter or something, so they came about 1:15 pm in the am after a light breakfast I rode up both roads to the deep snow where I could not go further – excepting where 4 wheelers had gone before and the tracks were frozen so that I could stay on the snow.  More snow up high than I figured and so to get to where I want to walk will be somewhat difficult, but I have time. 
I enjoyed the boys visit and they like horsing around in the fire and picking up animal bones etc that are here in this meadow, we sat around the fire and visited and they brought me a video camera and want me to record myself at times – hope I can remember how to run it Sam showed me but – you know how that is.  I have a lot of electronic equipment that needs charged – guess I really needed a generator.
After the kids left I went up to the Y in the road and turned up the canyon where I got some of the rocks that are on the cabin and the stairway on the grass.  I walked for an hour and 15 minutes – about ½ way through I watch a real good snow storm coming down both canyons beside me.  I could see the storm and hear the wind and in minutes I was soaked and still quite a way from the four wheeler.  Ate supper when I got back and am now enjoying a fire in the stove.  Good thing I cut all the wood I did cause at this rate it isn’t going to last – oh well I have the time.  The next several days are to be cooler than this one and wetter with snow or scattered frozen mix as the weather people like to call it.  My knee and heel both bothered me on my walk and I have been exceptionally stiff and sore – maybe the bed, but more likely the weather.  I will write a little on my book and probably hit the sack early since even with the stove I am a little chilled from being wet.  Then the fire can go out and the snow and rain can come and I will snuggle in hopefully not to get up till morning.   Hard to believe 1/10th of my stay is gone already – miss Saundra and Kimmy and all other family members – but I am not bored nor to lonely other than wishing they were here – I do wish the weather would improve a little for comfort sake – glad I didn’t get up into the canyons I thought I wanted to – I would have had to shovel a couple feet of snow out of the road to pitch the tent and things would have been a little more miserable and I probably would have spent considerable time just maintaining camp.  I have already spent quite a bit here, but other than a need to cut & spilt more firewood and haul water to wash etc – it shouldn’t be too bad.
I just read one of Jaiden’s & Kyla’s notes – before I came they wrote me several notes stapled shut individually, there are about enough for every other day.  So I read my 1st one tonight – it is so cute there is a painting of a man who has been sitting on a log and there are ticks all over him and everything else he is saying “oh no”.  The note says (her spelling):  Dear Papa:  I love all the tings you do the movie that you whoch may make me sick , but I still love you.  You like house and I willy don’t but that isw ok.  I miss you   Love Jaiden
P.S. if you whont to woch house make sure I’m not in the room
P.P.P.S. if it rains git in your big green tant & one more ting don’t sit on a log with ticks.  (arrow to the painting)

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