Sunday, June 19, 2011

Repeat - Anthony Weiner Apologizes to Bill Clinton

I hope I can redo this - Sherry said she didn't get a chance to read my comments on this subject before the previous blog was lost.  All of this of course was before ole Weiner resigned.

The morning of the day I wrote the previous blog I had heard on the news that Anthony Weiner had called Bill Clinton to apologize for his misdeeds.  He called Clinton because Clinton had officiated at the Weiner wedding as Weiner's wife Huma Abedin works for Hillary.  I thought about it the whole day as I was walking and could imagine what the phone call would have been like:

"Um Bill this is Tony, Tony Weiner ..."  "Tony you rascal, how the heck are ya?  Dang it sure is not fun to get caught is it.  Darn conservatives, won't leave a guy alone, we can't even be men can we.  I mean we are just out for a little fun and these people think we ought to just go to work and do our jobs, heck one of the biggest reasons we run for office is to open the possibilities of all the chicks we can meet, ya know what I mean?"  "Well, Bill do you have any advice - I mean how should I handle this thing?"  "Tony, Tony, Tony, you worry to much, just deny, deny, deny just stick to your guns and ya know offer some of the gals a little money to keep their mouth's shut, ignore the other people and just go on - do a little complaining about the whining of the conservatives, turn it back on them ya know.  After you have done this enough times - you learn it is easy just deny, deny and turn the conversation to anything else you can think of, turn the tide ya know.  I mean look at me and what's her name - oh ya Lewinsky and I had quite a whirl, heck, I hardly even knew her, I came through it ok, they whine and moan and you just pretend nothing happened.  Heck if all else fails just use my ole line.'depends what the meaning of is - is' works every darn time."  "Well Bill it is pretty sticky I mean they won't leaved me alone."  "Oh Tony, Tony, Tony, you did a pretty good job of keeping the number to six or so, I am sure from my experience you underestimated that by a bunch, man I have had so many involvements - I couldn't even count them all. Deny, Deny, Deny, pay em off and move on, heck I had some things going on while I was straightening out some of the others - keeps you fresh and keeps your prospective ya know - you'll be fine, go for it."  "But Bill what do I do about Huma? How do I deal with her?"  "Oh Tony, she's out of the country with Hillary somewhere in the middle east or some where.  Heck she'll be fine, Hillary has been through this so darn much, I bet they had a good laugh over it, they'll probably go have a drink look around for some Arab boys and have a little fun themselves.  Hillary will settle her down, she is an expert at this kinda thing. Heck, they get all this exposure with our fun and all our names are better known, who knows Huma might run for President, it is obvious our current one has no clue and is in way over his head.  Course she may need to wait in line for ole Hill she really wants the job ya know.  Hey may be you can even run for President your self - half of this whole game is name recognition and nothing get's that for you better than a little fun on the side - from a political stand point Tony this may have been your smartest move.  You probably hit a home run bud.  You rascal, don't get to carried away, I want a little of the action myself you know, both the fun and the name recognition - heck if they had the King of the world I would run for it, that would open up the door for all those foreign gals as well, maybe you could be my vice King , Hey we would make quite a ;pair."  We could have lots and lots of fun and maybe we could ask ole Arnold to be our Chief of Staff - ya know ole Arnold Swartzen what's his name - he's been getting around a little too ya know, kinda goes with the job."  I mean spend, spend, spend, play around, play around, play around  and spend some more, hey that's the name of the game.  It's all political science 101 ya know."  "Well, I appreciate your help, Bill, I always have admired you and you know you are my mentor."  "Ya well, I better get going Tony all this talk made me realize I only have a few more days and ole Hill will be back in town, I better get out and have some fun, it is so much easier when she is gone - huh - why don't you run up and we'll do the town, just tell the press you have a 'pressing engagement' - pretty good eh?  Just keep em guessing, the wives, the press, the women, just keep a few steps ahead and remember it always boils down to 'what your meaning of is is'  ha ha works every time see ya now"

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