Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liberty and Justice For All

I do need to make one more post tonight.  After thinking about all the money the government steals from us I am beginning to get real irritated.  It comes in the form of taxes, fees, licenses, much of it hidden like gas taxes, or the the likes of proposed energy taxes, like cap and trade etc.  This government knows how to spend our money - like the money tree is healthy, huge and has unending branches.   The government has no conscience, no regrets and no accountability - I am not sure either party or any candidates are much better, even the one's I thought might make good ones end up sticking their foot in the mouths so far it comes out their ear, and all of them are triple jointed from patting themselves on the back, and scratching each other's like a herd of monkeys.  I am leaning more and more to the Tea Party or even ole Ron Paul.  I never thought I would say that, but I am not so sure he wouldn't be better than most options we have.  Keep our money here, quite giving it all away.  Get the government out of our lives and deal with our problems first, give us back our freedom, that is man's greatest desire - the freedom to choose, to do and to live.  Lock up the cheaters and thieves, and that would include many in the government on both sides of the aisle.  Get control of the Gadianton Robbers within the government,  improve the morality of this great nation and get back to a "Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All".

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