Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kimber Waters a Deer

Worked on the rocks a the lake, still quite a ways to go used 4.5 bags of mortar mix and 1 1/3 bags of portland + lime, we have 3 bags left that we will do tomorrow then we will wait until next trip.  Today Kimber was pretty good and stayed around most of the time.  At one point this afternoon we heard a barking and a squealing I knew it was Kimber chasing a deer, thus the need of the e collar and training we bought and will use starting tomorrow if we have a minute or two.  Abby treed a mountain line at the lake, Jette jumped off the cliff and Kimber watered a deer.  The squealing increased and pretty soon down the hill came a fawn with Kimber right behind, the fawn hit the water on the run and Kimber did the same - out they went headed past the rocks and around the corner.  Kimber barking all the time she was swimming.  That was the first time she ever swam and away they went.  The poor deer went clear down to the next little bay and Kimber because of our yelling got out around the corner.  When we have the e collar on she will stop that nonsense.  Sari went out in the canoe to see where both went.  A real circus and I am not even a clown.

More from the trip:

Day 14 Friday May 6th
Slept less well last night than I had previous, I think it was the rougher walk I had been on yesterday.  I could not get comfortable and that had not been a problem in past nights.  A cool overcast day today, I left camp a little earlier than usual hoping to get a couple hours on a side hill across the canyon from where I found the antlers yesterday.  Well, score one for the old guys, the nearly decrepit, the achy senior citizens, yes score one.  I found a two point (really unusual shaped near the bottom of the side hill on my first pass.  Then we better score another for the sore, tired, retirees, as I found a second though chewed on antler in the bottom of the canyon after I decided to check out a small opening on the other side. I made another 4 passes across this hill then had to work up another canyon to where it opened up again to a much bigger side hill.  Well, hooray for the old farts (I mean old farmers) who struggle to get out of bed, whose knees and feet feel like an elephant has been stepping on them.  By George, another.   You PAH’s think you know it all, just like the younger reps and managers.  Ha! Since your scoring for the good guys you had better add one more to the column of the senior, over the hill gang.  Let’s see that must be 4 for the good guys.  There I am struggling to get off of that hill, I had been a long way to the top and was now zigzagging down another side ridge back to ole Betsy.  I am limping along with a walking stick trying to take the pressure off that right knee, carrying  4 antlers, which is an awkward though not heavy task.  Wait!  No it can’t be, are my old, tired, surgery laden eyes really seeing what it looks like laying there on the ground before me can’t be,  but I pick it up and Yippee for the nearly hospitalized wheel chair group there is number 5.  Can you believe it the PAH have been on this mountain, but they did the easy stuff, they cherry picked.  I’ll take year or two old antlers any day.  Only one of the five had had much chewing, they were bleached, but then again look at my hair who cares any way, I know how to fix that if I so desire.  Studied some, burned some trash, ate supper and then wrote on my book.  It is now 10:10pm if I can get this crazy computer to open a game I think I will play one, trouble is it is reall fussy about that?  Some nights I can and some I can’t = no sense to it either, but lots in life doesn’t make much sense, how does and old, sore , rundown, tired, bone weary, give out senior find 7 antlers in 2 days on adjoining ridges and the PAH find 10 antlers in 2 days with 4 of them looking, and by the way spending more hours doing it than I do.  A couple of those young bucks were everywhere.  Maybe it’s a little like selling, being in the right place and doing the right thing rather than the shotgun, give em heck approach yes these PAH remind me more and more of younger reps and many managers Ha! M Love to win so let’s hear it at least one more time for the good old guys – Hooray, Hooray, Hoorah, Hoorah, Yippee Skipee  if I do a Flipee I’ll break my neck.  With that good night! 

D ay 15 Saturday May 7th
Cool today, a light rain on and off.  Usual morning and then off for a walk to finish the last side hill I was working on,  this part was lower and much more rocky, very hard on my feet and knee.  I tore apart a –pair of boots it was so rocky – need shoe gue if they still make such a thing.  Well today much of my walk was just for exercise and seeing the beautiful country.  There were many many rocks I would like to have at home or at the lake,  a whole mountain of them – some very  interesting , others very flat etc.  Had a little rougher night last night I think due to my achy feet, and the fact that it rained pretty good on and off and woke me.  Seems like we always get a wind with any change and that is part of what wakes me I can hear it coming,  Been finding a few ticks on me the last few days really haven’t been looking much, but when I pull off my flannel shirt etc when I get back I have been finding them.  I looked a little on all three shirts today, found 4 plus a couple while walking, nothing like days when I have found literally a hundred or so.  Oh well, those little rascals have got tp have something to eat also.
I think the PAH’s had walked the bottom part of my walk today.  However, score another for the good guys after 2 ½ hours of walking I did find a small, couple year old non chewed on elk antler so Hooray, Hoorah , one is less than yesterday , but more than some days.  I am almost done with that whole hill, I suspect the rest of it has been walked, so I have to find elsewhere and there really is no elsewhere, but none the less a walking I will go, a walking I will go, hi ho the Dario a walking I will go.  Good enough to get the exercise, bnice if I foind things of interest.  Got home and studied for a while, ate supper and am now after this going to write on my book.  Kinda at a standstill again, happens every other night or so while I try and decide where to go next.  If I knew where my advil was, and I may if I look hard, I think it would be a good day to take some.  To all you mothers out there “Happy Mother’s Day” tomorrow.  I will be talking to some I hope if IO have reception, those at our house for dinner.  Well, time to resurrect my thoughts on the book the best way is to start and head off trying to get to where I want to be.  Then I suppose beddy bye.  Tomorrow being Sunday there will be no walking, won’t write on the book either so, study and relaxing, may cook me a couple baked potatoes in an outside fire, we’ll see how ambitious I might be.  Suppose to be cloudy, rainy and cold.  At least one day next week it is suppose to get 65 or so in Pburg the nearest town, I am higher and in a canyon, but remember Pburg is 10 miles over the pass.  I bet I can’t get over it anymore as I would get stuck in the snow drifts, not that I plan to go, but if I did , it would be real iffy.  Ok, enough for now.  By the way tonight is halfway, pretty sad and pretty glad.  Miss sweetie, would like to walk around here all summer as the snow leaves and the canyons open up, but would like to be home with my wife and my puppy (who Saundra says is in everything – bad dog, hope she gets through this puppy stage or whatever soon).

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