Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 Ring or 4 Ring Circus

Today (Tuesday August 2, 2011) has been a little bit of a difficulty.  While taking Kimmy walking up Cramer Creek on the way out she fell out of the truck window while I was going about 20 mph, she didn't jump she just leaned to far, it was hot and she was trying to get more wind.  She limped around, but from that stand point seemed to be ok in a while, this pm while I had her take a nap when she woke up she wouldn't open her left eye and when I pry it open it is just a slit?  I hope she just got stung again or some allergy from the grass or something.  She is in bed now will see what it looks like tomorrow, she has been scratching at it.  Next when I called Saundra on the way back to Missoula she had just fainted in the pediatrician's office - she felt faint and went out of the room where Kade was going to get circumcised and she fainted in the hall, the Dr. called the parmamedics who came and treated her checking everything over - the whole thing is similar to 20 years ago - she won't admit it but I think she has problems with her heart beating hard and fast and won't admit it.  Next mom was not feeling well today she had several visitors and she looked worn out when I wen there and she said she didn't feel good at all.  We'll see how that is tomorrow when she has fewer visitors.  Next dad as I was leaving, called me back and said, "I have something I need you to know".  He was very serious and I thought something else must be going on.  He looked at me and said "Those guys didn't co0me until 25 minutes until 2 and they came from the wrong direction".  It took me a second to realize he was talking about the garbage truck.  I said "dad the letter just meant your route would start at 6:30 am".  He said, "No it was to us, what is going on, and they came from the wrong way?"  I am not making light of dad's fixation with the garbage, but it is a little odd that he worries so much about somethings.  Oh I forgot, mom got meals on wheels squared around and they brought dad's today - yesterday he was mad because they didn't bring it - when mom cancelled one they thought she meant both, well today they brought his and he said "that was the worst meal I have ever seen."  Again not making light of it, but first he is mad if it doesn't come and by the way it better not be late, he refers to it as his breakfast, then when it does come he always tells me how lousy it is.  Three pretty serious things to dad at this time are garbage, meals on wheels and his sprinkler which he will not leave set on automatic and insists on going to the basement and pushing the button each sprinkling day.

I told my kids - just take me to the hills and prop me up by a tree, leave my gun, my carving tools (I may not use ether, come back for them later).  I really at this stage don't want to live that long.  Oh there is one more thing dad is serious as taxes about and that is driving.  He says, "I am a better driver than most of the goofy people in this town and he is as serious as stink on a skunk.

Thursday (August 4, 2011) This post was interrupted by a call from dad - mom had fallen down the stairs I rushed over and got an ambulance - she is home but has not been out of bed since, not doing well, not able to eat etc.  I will follow this with more information at a later date.

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