Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Some Things Done!

I posted on facebook a few minutes ago that I had completed my book, I had the goal to be at this point by the end of the year, but now my goal is to be publish ready by December 31st.  I am not saying it will be published, or that it even should, but I think it is a great story - we shall see where it goes from here.  I really was a little surprised with the ending, but I like it.  I wrote this book as though I was looking at things through the eyes of the main charachter, it is not in first person, but the story developed as I saw it.  By doing that I was never sure where things were going until I got there.  I knew the main objective and the basic story line, but the details unfolded as I saw them happen.  At one point I told Saundra, writing a book is as exciting as reading one.

With the completion of this story, a couple of my bucket list things if you will have now been accomploished this year.  First my month in the mountains, which was a big boost to this second item the book.

Without giving anything away here are a couple of notes about the book:

1) I am looking at the title -

63 Million,
Big Trouble under the Big Sky

2) The main charachter is a Drug Rep,  F. Jep Leavitt, yes he was born in Canada.
3) He works for Avion Pharmaceuticals (No such company) and ends up working under cover for the Montana Department of Justice and the Federal Government.

That is enough for now!  Now comes perhaps the hardest part and that is tieing it all together - timewise, peoplewise and making sure there is enough interesting detail and story to keep it going beginning to end. 

Today was just a gorgsous day at the lake.   By the way Kimber bit a bear in the but yesterday, while Mark, Sari and their kids were here, today she routed out a rat in the boiathouse, downstairs.  she's had quite a 24 hours.

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  1. I am very excited to read your book! I love the title; it made me laugh out loud - 63 million. Looking forward to December 31st...always looking for a new favorite author!!!