Friday, January 13, 2012

It was fun I aint Lion

This morning I had the opportunity to go with Mark Hettick and a friend to chase a Lion.  It was a real hoot!  I will tell you one thing, the hounds will drag you all over if they want to go, we had a female on a leash, she was used to coons but not cats, so we were giving her experience.  We had a male hound "Sounder" on the run.  He caught the lion treed it and then we followed with the female.  The cat was on a pretty steep side hill about 45 or more minutes from the truck.  There was a skiff of fresh snow in spots and none in some, the side hill had a lot of loose rocks, partially frozen ground and when a dog is pulling you I managed to take a couple of fancy spills - off down the hill - a couple of them face first.  We couldn't turn the female loose until she could hear and see the action.  It was a thrill - the cat ended up on private property and we couldn't shoot her, she was a young female, but a beautiful lion.  She had great coloration a beautiful tail and was fair sized for her age.  She was probably 15-16 months old following are several pictures with the cat and the dogs.  The female dog ended up with a 4-5 inch slit up her throat from getting hung up on a dead branch the male dog had broken off on the tree (she had to have several stitches).  Following are several pictures of the event.

Many of the photos are sidewise I failed to turn them before I uploaded - you'll just have to turn your computer on the side - sorry!!

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